Lease Your Land

How to Lease?

Landowners, if you or someone you know would like to earn additional profit from being a landowner or having access to land for hunting, consider a partnership with My Hunting Land. Whether you are in the business of land management, agriculture, real-estate, or just have access to hunting ground our main goal is to provide a stress-free leasing experience for the landowner and everyone included in the hunting lease process. My Hunting Land handles the lease process from the start to finish and are constantly looking for new properties to list in all states. Leasing your land has never been easier and with over 40 years of hunting, wildlife management and land management skills, you can rest assured knowing My Hunting Land is doing the work to provide top notch hunters and get you the most return for your acre.








Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing your land is easy. Simply let us list your land at no charge to you and we will match you with the perfect hunter.

What are the benefits of leasing my land for hunting?

It is an extra form of income to be considered and it reduces damage to your crops by eliminating some of the deer population. As you develop a trusting relationship with the lessee, you will also have an aide in keeping your land free from poachers and trespassers, along with an insider's view of any developments that may arise on your property.

How can I make more profit on my farms?

We understand the intricacies and challenges that come with investing in land. This is your business and we will make it ours. Increasing your farm profit by 1%-3% year over year can put direct dollars in your pocket no matter the farm.

Will any changes be made to my land?

No changes or modifications will be made to any land or its structures without proper authorization from the landowner. Our contracts protect all parties involved and guarantee your land will be hunted by responsible hunters that care as much about your land as you do.

How much money can I expect to make from a lease?

Our leases vary in price based on location, size, crops, and amount of wildlife habitat and cover. We will put a marketing plan together for your property based on these factors and will work to get you the best price per acre. Our pool of hunters looking for land is growing every day and they are wanting to make you some extra return on your land investment.

Will there be coverage for injury or property damage?

Yes, liability coverage will be included at no charge to the landowner and the hunter. This ensures your land and the people enjoying it will be taken care of throughout the season.

What do I do next to lease my land?

Contact us via email at or call us at 816.695.6784